A 1-month old baby has had his penis amputated after a botched circumcision in Cairo, Egypt.

The father, Ashraf Helmi, claimed that he had taken the son for vaccination only to be convinced by the relatives to circumcise his son, Mohammed.

According to reports from media, the procedure was performed by a nurse who claimed to be a doctor at the Manti Medical Centre, a procedure that cost roughly 300 shillings.

“She did it at an emergency room and not an operation room and on completion fastened the gauze tightly, and on telling her, she replied rudely,” the father narrated.

After a few hours, Helmi realized the son’s penis swelling and decided to report the incident to the police after the nurse told him to wait for the doctor. This led him to believe that indeed, the nurse was lying about being the doctor.

The baby’s penis was amputated after developing a serious bacterial infection which could have proved fatal if not acted on fast.

The nurse has since been arrested and is under investigation.