1. Natural make-up remover – Use coconut oil to remove eye and facial make-up. Massage the oil into your skin to break up the make-up and then wipe off with cotton wool.

2. Make-up on the run – Mix your foundation with your moisturiser and apply as a tinted moisturiser. Do the same with concealer by mixing it with some eye cream. The creamy texture blends in very smoothly achieving a natural made-up look.

3. Keep your skin hydrated – During the warmer months of the year, use a facial mist to spritz your face. You can also use this on top of make-up for a dewy look.

4. Quick-dry nails – Dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice to dry them quickly.

5. Disguise chipped nail-polish – By adding a layer of glitter or textured nail polish. You can keep a manicure going for over a week.

6. Multi-tasking beauty products – Sometimes our skin changes from dry to oily due to the weather, hormones, stress or diet. Rather than throwing away your face cream, use it as a balm for your feet or as a hand cream.

7. Pop pimples the smart way – If you must pop a pimple or have done so accidentally, wipe with witch hazel to kill the bacteria. Then place an ice-cube on the area for ten minutes. This will help to soothe the inflammation.

8. Nail stickers – Enhance your nail skills by using nail stickers. To make them look more authentic, seal them with a coat of topcoat. This will help them last longer.

9. Remove nail polish without remover – If you’ve run out of remover, apply a clear coat of polish on the nail and remove immediately with cotton wool.

10. Dry out pimples – Dab toothpaste on a pimple and leave it overnight. Wash your face as usual in the morning.

11. Special occasion make-up – Apply make-up earlier in the day thereby giving it time to settle. It will also look more natural and you’ll be less rushed when you’re getting ready.

12. Soft lips – Rub your lips with a warm damp cloth at night to remove flaky, dry skin. Follow with a coat of lip balm.

13. Young hands – Keep your hands youthful by moisturizing often. Exposure to the elements causes our hands to age faster than other parts of the body.

14. Exfoliate – Use an exfoliating wash or scrub at least once a week to get rid of dead skin, thereby keeping your skin at its best.