Eating habits that could drain you of energy


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Do you feel drained of energy all the time? Maybe the cause is your eating habits. The following nutrition don’ts could help you get out of this trap:

Don’t skip meals: Going for more than three or four hours during the day without eating causes blood-sugar levels to plummet, leaving you fatigued and/or uncontrollably hungry.

Don’t overindulge: Just as eating too little can wipe you out, so can eating too much. When you overeat, you feel lethargic, so eat every two to three hours but have smaller portions.

Avoid junk foods: Candy bars, soda and other junk foods give you a quick boost, but that doesn’t last long, and they offer little or no nutritional value. Avoid eating them.

Don’t drink alcohol at lunch: Drinking alcohol during the day, especially with your lunch meal, makes you sleepy and all you want thereafter is a siesta. Avoid alcohol during the day.
Don’t run low on water: Getting the equivalent of about eight glasses of water a day is essential for energy. Don’t fall short on water consumption. Get in the habit of drinking lots of water throughout the day.

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