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Josphat Chege, 35, his wife Joan Osogo 30, and their seventeen-month-old son, Jeremy Joseph Gakaya, grace our cover this month. Martin is an insurance consultant with a local insurance dealer and Joan is media planner with Access Leo Burnett.

Parents: How did you meet?

Joan and Josphat

Josphat: A mutual friend introduced us during our studies in India. We liked each other and became very good friends.

Joan: We used to spend a lot of time together and eventually fell in love. Initially, I was hesitant of expressing my feelings to Josphat but when he revealed his, I also opened up.

Parents: What attracted you to each other?
Josphat: Joan is intelligent, honest, a good listener and a go-getter. When she embarks on something she believes in, she puts her all in it and most times she achieves her goal.
Joan: Apart from his looks, Josphat is hard working, patient and an excellent time manager.

Parents: Describe you marriage.

Josphat: We got married three years ago after seven years of courtship. My marriage is a wonderful and fulfilling union and I have no doubt it will last ‘until death do us part.’ Marriage has been a learning experience for me. I’m more open and patient and compromise on certain things to please my wife. For instance, she loves shopping and attending weddings and the thrill is when I accompany her, which I do. Ordinarily, I would rather watch a football game or read the paper!

Joan: My marriage is a happy one and a safe haven for me. I always look forward to going home, especially after a bad day. We have had our fair share of challenges like any other normal couple, but we have pulled through because we respect each other and are committed to make our marriage last.

Parents: Tell us about Telvin.

Little Telvin

Joan: He is God’s beautiful gift to us. When I first held him in my arms on December 25 2008, all the aguish and pain I went through while giving birth disappeared. Telvin is very playful and has a smiley face just like his father.

Josphat: Telvin is a blessing to me. He gives me reason to wake up and go to work everyday because I know he depends on me and I cannot afford to fail him. I want him to be someone who will positively impact the society. I also want him to be a God-fearing and hardworking person.

Parents: What advise would you give those aspiring for marriage?

Josphat: Do not get married for the wrong reasons, for instance because your friends are getting married or because age is catching up. Marry because you are ready to commit to someone you truly love. I believe that most marriages end because people got into them for the wrong reasons. The Bible tells us that marriage is a commitment that’s not meant to be broken. We should all honour this.

Joan: When looking for a lifetime partner, let character guide you and not looks, as looks can be deceiving. Also, don’t just look out for your partner’s positive side. Consider their negative sides as well and ask yourself if you can live with them for the rest of your life.

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