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Meet the cover models

Meet the cover models

Anne Michelle Waweru, 30, and her seven-month-old baby, Zaria Njeri, grace our cover this month. Anne tells us about herself, the love of her life and her baby.

Parents: Tell us about yourself. Anne: I am a registered nurse in America but I am relocating back to Kenya since I want to be close to my family and would also like to start a real estate business in the country.

Parents: Are you married?

Anne: I am not married but I am in a serious relationship with Zaria’s father who is an American national. We are looking forward to formalising our relationship once we settle down in Kenya.

Parents: What was the reaction of your boyfriend’s parents when they learnt of your plan to relocate?

Anne: Well, they were not for the idea especially because of the baby. Their main concern was if they would see their grandchild again. It took a lot of convincing for them to finally come to terms with our relocating. We will be visiting them once a year and they are always welcome to visit anytime.

Parents: Tell us about Zaria.

Anne: Zaria is a very playful baby; she actually used to kick a lot when I was pregnant with her. What I love most about her is that she is not a problematic baby, she rarely cries and feeds very well. She makes me enjoy being a parent.

Parents: Was your pregnancy problematic?

Anne: Apart from the nausea and dizziness in the first few months, my pregnancy was generally an easy one and I enjoyed every step of it. When I learnt that I was carrying a girl, I was very excited and longed for the day I would embrace her.

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Parents: What has changed since you became a parent?

Grandmother Veronica Waweru poses with her grand daughter Zaria and daughter Anne.

Anne: I can say that almost all aspects of my life have changed. For instance, I quit my job to look after Zaria. I was not forced by circumstances because I had all the help I needed, but I did it out of my own will. I wanted to devote all my time to Zaria, ensuring she got the best attention. I will fully concentrate on setting up my business after she turns one year. Being a parent calls for patience and being a better planner – these are qualities I have learnt to embrace.

Parents: What plans do you have for Zaria?

Anne: I want her to be a respectful, God-fearing child. I plan to take her to the best schools and university in Kenya; I am already investing in this. Also, I want her to be in touch with her Kikuyu roots. I will teach her the Kikuyu traditions plus the language.

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