From a business meeting to a love affair


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Mwangi Kabeberi, 29, and 31-year-old Rodah Mumbo Kabeberi were at completely different points in their lives when they met in 2014. Little did they know that when their paths crossed, it would be for a lifetime. The couple opens up to ESTHER AKELLO on finding friendship, peace and love.

In March 2014, Mwangi Kabeberi was looking forward to marry his then girlfriend of two years. It was at that point in time that he met

Rodah Mumbo, a business developer. “I was buying advertising space on behalf of a client from a media house Rodah was working for. She was overseeing the sale. From the onset, it was nothing more than a business transaction,” articulates Mwangi.

However, closing the deal proved to be quite the task and the two were forced to stay in touch often. Soon, what started as work-related texts and calls grew into friendship and then something more. “As we spent more time together, I realised how interesting he was. However, I was keen to keep a respectable boundary on account of him being engaged and I was also trusting God for the right partner at the right time, so I was at peace with what the relationship was at that time,” says Rodah.

Not long after, Mwangi called off his impending nuptials and with that, romantic relationships altogether. “Unfortunately, things between my fiancée and I did not work out and the break up was a painful process. I was not ready to get back on the saddle whether seriously or otherwise,” confesses Mwangi adding that he cut off many relationships including the one with Rodah which left her bewildered, especially since she was sure that the chemistry between them had been brewing for some time.

“I thought my emotions were toying with me so I prayed about it. However, the word I always got from God was that He would give me beauty for ashes,” says Rodah who also found it ironic that while Mwangi insisted on evading her, the few times he did see her, he would introduce her to close friends and even members of his family.

Confused by his mixed signals, she confronted him with the intention of cutting off their relationship completely. Mwangi heaved a sigh of relief. “Her walking away meant I did not have to push her away or confront my feelings towards her. While in my heart a relationship with Rodah felt right, in my head it felt too soon. I prayed, seeking God’s guidance and offered that we remain friends. She agreed, ” he explains.

Despite the friendship pact, towards the end of 2014, Rodah had had enough of it and made the decision to move on with her life, at least romantically. But as she found out, the move would prove unnecessary. In January 2015, Mwangi asked Rodah if she would marry him, sort of.

“During a random discussion, Mwangi asked if I could marry someone like him. In all innocence, I replied in the affirmative. I was not sure whether it was an actual proposal or hypothetical but from then henceforth, wedding topics were common in our conversations,” says Rodah.

Mwangi adds, “By then I was sure that a relationship with Rodah was the right thing.” In July 2015, Mwangi got down on one knee and formally asked Rodah to marry

him. “We were having dessert when I realised that the words ‘will you marry me’ were scribbled at the bottom of the bowl,” narrates Rodah saying she automatically said yes.

Despite fears and skepticism from friends and family alike, the couple, who attribute the success of their relationship to prayer and fasting, finally walked down the aisle on November 27, 2015 at the ACK Christ Church in Westlands followed by a reception at the All African Conference of Churches grounds. The couple attributes the success of their wedding to their families’ and friends’ support.

“My father declined to accept dowry from Mwangi’s family much to their surprise. Being an only girl, he said it was the equivalent of putting a price on me, which was unacceptable. Couple that with support from friends and a wonderful committee, our budget stood at Ksh 450,000 for 600 guests and our dream of having a simple wedding was fulfilled.”

Published April 2016

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