Microwaving meals in a mug has been trendy among college students but this doesn’t mean that this trend is limited  to them only here are four meals you can make from a mug. Which are simple, sweet and healthy.

2 minute scrambled eggs

Just look at how fluffy it looks i still cant believe that this was made from a mug! It looks delicious and healthy and that is important

Sausage and cheese spaghetti

This is perfect for those lunch times where you have tonnes of work and all you need is a simple meal thats healthy and wont take forever to prepare

5-minute mug pizza 

Pizza  couldn’t better now you can make a single -serve in a mug in the comfort of your Pajamas. No more time or money spent on pizza orders

Spinach Ricotta Lasagna

A true gourmet delight with some fresh veggies, melty cheese, rich tomato sauce yummy!

Trying some mug meals couldn’t get better and it is definitely a must try for this new year.