Everyone wants whatever they spend time on to blossom, prosper and bear fruit. Starting a relationship is always fun and exciting, but making it last is hard work. However, sharing your life with someone is absolutely wonderful and incredibly rewarding. There are things you and your partner can do to ensure that your relationship lasts even after the ‘honeymoon’ stage.

Choose right

Choosing the right person for you is crucial for a long-lasting relationship. You need to put into consideration what you want in a partner. Consider factors like character, beliefs, values habits, goals, ambition, and the direction you want your life to go. Getting into a relationship with a person who does not share your values and your beliefs is a bad idea; it will not work.

Make time

For anything to work, you have to set aside time for it. You cannot be busy all the time. You can use this time to play games, go out to dinner/brunch, watch movies, talking or doing any other activity that you both enjoy. The bond that you create just doing things together you will be too strong to be broken by pointless arguments and different opinions.



The ‘communication is paramount’ gospel has been preached since time immemorial. You both need to express your thoughts, opinions, and emotions because your partner cannot tell what you are feeling if you do not speak up. Communicating ensure that you understand each other, therefore you know how to handle each other. You can avoid doing things that hurt your partner, for a happier life together.

Learn to apologize

There is a quote that circulates on social media ‘Everyone is mature, until they have to accept they are wrong or apologize’ It can be a difficult thing to do, admitting that you are wrong, but you have to know when to back down. Learn to apologize to your partner and let go of things, it will give you peace of mind and you will be happier.

Don’t lose the intimacy

Like communication, intimacy is important and you should hold on to it as much as possible. You do not need to be all over each other all the time. A simple warm hug and kiss on the cheek as you leave to go to work, cuddling while you watch television or holding hands while taking a walk will do just fine. There is something about being physical with someone that just brings you closer. This is a habit that will do your relationship a lot of good.