Are you looking for Valentine's Day plans? I've got you! In my very humble opinion, you can always settle for a film. So, grab your throw blanket, your remote and light that scented candle for this one.

Here are five movies to watch during Valentine's that will rival just about any party you think you are missing out on.

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight trilogy

The chemistry that both Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke bring to the table is top-notch. It is intense and is the backdrop of the series. Also, it is easy on the eyes. Richard Linklater, the writer, introduces viewers to the couple when they are 23 years old- with youthful faces and hopes in the first movie. The second movie returns when they are 32 and a little older and wiser. In the third, Before Midnight, they are 41, have wrinkles, look worried and are yelling to their kids not to go farther into the sea while swimming. Has it piqued your interest yet?

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The Notebook

What is romance without Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook? This adaptation of the novel is the best yet. Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling star as the lead characters. They fall in love during the 40s era in the summer and are separated because of circumstances. At one point, they get together and dramatically kiss in a rainstorm, rekindling their relationship. In this version, an older man narrates their love story to an elderly lady in a nursing home. What better movie to swoon over than this?

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50 First Dates

Henry Roth, a character played by Adam Sandler, has to be inventive while dating Lucy Whitmore (Drew Barrymore). Lucy suffers short-term memory loss, making her forget Henry and their love story. Even though it is heartbreaking, this movie has swept viewers off their 'chairs' as Henry takes chances at reinventing the perfect first date for Lucy.

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The Hating Game

Sworn enemies and colleagues, Joshua, played by Austin Stowell, and Lucy, characterized by Lucy Hale, hate each other's guts. Even with the hate, they cannot afford to take their eyes off each other. This movie adaptation was released in 2021 and interpreted the novel's crunching chemistry. The Hating Game's first reiteration was a cult model romance novel written by Sally Thorne. Watch Joshua and Lucy have at it and wake up to the truth; that they do not really hate each other.

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The Big Sick

This romantic comedy is based on a true story between Emily Gordon and her husband, Kumail Nanjiani. Kumail plays the adapted version of himself, while Zoe Kazan plays Emily Gordon. Zoe's is abruptly diagnosed with adult-onset Still's Disease and falls into a medical coma. This throws a major blow into their flourishing relationship. Kumail and Emily's parents' characters ground this movie even though Kumail and Emily's love story drives the film. Who knows? After watching this, you might start to wish they would adopt you.

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If you never celebrate Valentine's, these movies would be a great way to pass your time and maybe- initiate you into the Valentine's Day madness. Enjoy!

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