Whenever a bundle of joy is received into the world, ululations can be heard all over. It is a moment of true happiness. However,  sometimes for a new dad, what comes after can be deadly especially when there is postpartum depression involved.

Postpartum depression is commonly known to hit women harder but studies show that out of ten, one dad is affected. Paternal postpartum depression is real and can be devastating if left unchecked. It is not as widely covered as maternal post

The onset of Paternal postpartum depression can be triggered by a couple of factors such as reduced testosterone. In addition to this, without proper coping skills for the transition into fatherhood, you may end up struggling emotionally.

Knowledge of the symptoms of this condition can help you improve your mental hygiene and get help. Here are five symptoms of paternal postpartum depression:

Anger outbursts

When you begin experiencing a lot of anger and are prone to violence, this could be a sign that you need help. You may end up breaking stuff in the house such as utensils and furniture. This could escalate to gender-based violence which could destroy your family.

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When you are impulsive you tend to act without thinking. You may engage in substance abuse and gambling. Through this, you may end up in debt or left fighting addiction. Turning to risk-taking behaviours for comfort should be taken seriously. Impulsivity can lead to promiscuity and this is a dangerous road to tread on because it can break your family.



Feeling distressed may make you easily agitated. In this state, you can barely contribute to caregiving activities. You may tend to crave solitude and thus ignore your family’s needs. This also makes you unapproachable and unavailable.

Low motivation

Low motivation when you just had a newborn can be a sign of fatigue or it could point to deeper psychological issues like paternal post postpartum depression. If you notice that you have no energy to do your work or perform caregiving responsibilities or you no longer find pleasure in doing things you once found exciting, talk to a professional.

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Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts are one of the extreme symptoms of postpartum depression and should not be taken lightly. Suicidal thoughts are often accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and helplessness which may be overwhelming. While it is often hard for men to seek help, talk to a loved one that you can trust about how you feel and seek professional help as soon as possible.

In nutshell...

Paternal postpartum depression needs to be managed before it leaves havoc in its wake. You may need to find help professionally to have a better quality of life. Be brave and seek help. It may end up saving you and your family.