Are we over Tanasha and Diamond yet? Not even close. What happened was tragic! But then there are lessons to be learnt even in tragedy and here are the lessons this one taught us.

It will end in tears

You know that popular saying, all good things must come to an end. Just like in Diamond and Tanasha’s case, it was good while it lasted, but when the time came for it to end, there was nothing either could do about it.

While you should work hard for every relationship that you are granted the grace to have, never let it escape you mind that it might come to and end. So enjoy every single moment and make each other’s lives easier when it lasts. Maybe then it will last.

Everybody is replaceable

One of the most famous break up phrases have to be that one from Beyonce’s song, aptly named Irreplaceable. It goes, Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking, you are irreplaceable. 

In relationships, even the best of us are replaceable, always have that in mind so it does not sting if it happens.

A cheetah does not change its spots

People berated Tanasha when she feel for the same old script that Diamond’s baby mamas have been subjected to. All the same, people get into relationships with the hope that they will be the ones that change the people they date,regardless of how tainted their history is. But people rarely change, if they drink, your love won’t make them sober. If they are violent, only jail will save you from them. If they cheat, they will cheat regardless of who they are dating.

Do not post babies social media

The ugliest side of social media that reveals just how twisted people are, is trolling kids. You have to be really evil to do that. Yet Tanasha and Diamond’s son was not spared. Dealing with all that as a new mother, and facing the fact that your kid will read the ugly things that have been said about them because the Internet never forgets is just too much. If there is a lesson Tanasha’s  experience has taught us, it is to reconsider posting kids on social media.

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