Most people dislike long-distance relationships. Unfortunately, certain circumstances in life force couples to live far from each other. With the right attitude, expectations and mindset, you can have a thriving relationship with your partner while you are kilometres away from each other.

Read on for five tips that couples in long-distance relationships need to keep the spark alive.

Communicate regularly and creatively

For most couples, starting the day by saying good morning and ending it with a good night is a routine. This is also possible in long-distance relationships as technology has evolved and made things better. Try to utilize voice calls or video calls to spice up communication.

You can also update each other on your daily routines. This way you can stay connected with each other.

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Set some ground rules

You both need to be clear with what you expect from your partner and what boundary they should not cross. Ground rules, especially in long-distance relationships, will help you to avoid taking your partner by surprise.

Having conversations about boundaries and expectations is not exactly sexy, but it needs to be done. However, you and your significant other should set healthy and realistic boundaries.

Visit each other

Long-distance relationships are enriched by the visits you make to each other. You get to meet and spend time with your significant other and get to fulfil things that may seem mundane such as holding hands, hugging, and kissing among other things. The physical things that you do are more special and intimate as they are things you don’t get to do regularly.

Scheduling visits when one of you feels lonely or disconnected is important as it strengthens the bond.

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Have a mutual goal in mind

As a couple in a long-distance relationship you have to plan for your future. This will need both of you to be on the same page and have the same goals. This makes it easy to achieve your plans together and motivates you to work together towards your future. You could also make vision boards for what you want to achieve in your relationship and how you want your future to look.

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Know each other’s schedules

Knowing when your partner is free or busy is important. This helps you to know when to call or text your significant other without disturbing them in the middle of work or a class.

Being aware of when certain events are happening in their lives, whether small or big like exams or job interviews especially if you live in different time zones is beneficial.

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Long-distance relationships can work if you are intentional. Following the above tips will help you and your partner’s bond grow stronger and the relationship to last longer.

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