Stuck at home and still finding it hard to relax? Well, you may just need to change up a few things to get the perfect relaxed atmosphere. Here are 6 ways you can ensure your home is cozier:

Get rid of the clutter

A home cannot be neat and cozy if it is littered with clutter as you are always subconsciously aware of the clutter. To prevent your brain from being fixated on a lot of things at the same time, organise your living space to get rid of unnecessary things. You can also put things in storage if they are useful but are not frequently used.Furthermore, you may find that you actually have no value for some of the things cluttering your home.

Separate your work space

As much as you are working from home, that does not mean that your work documents should be strewn all over the house. Designate a corner where there’s enough light to work with and has minimal distractions such that when you are in another area of the house you can feel the difference.

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Alternatively, you can have a cozy corner in the house. A couch and soft warm wraps/drapes is enough to have a spot in the house where someone can snuggle up.

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Get the lighting right

While most people desire a lot of light in their homes, harsh lighting does the opposite of relaxing the mind. Create a beautiful cozy ambience by either having soft-coloured sheer curtains to filter the light or have a lampshade.

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Limit the use of devices

Devices like smartphones, TVs and other gadgets are definitely useful. However, constant use of these devices does not allow your mind to rest, which ideally is what the home should offer. This is because the sights and sounds can be distracting. To ensure you have some quiet time, designate some time for TV and the use of devices. This does not mean cutting them out but ensuring that you can have quiet moments during the day. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to take a break from worrisome news.