A lot of people want to keep fit, look great and feel confident in their bodies. For those who plan on going to the gym to attain this, it's important to pick what you can do best depending on your fitness goal.

Here are six things to factor in while in the gym:

Warm up

It is advisable to warm up before starting your workout. This will prepare you physically, mentally and psychologically. Warming up sets the tempo and pace of any exercise  you intend to perform. It also helps reduce muscle soreness and lessen your risk of injury. Therefore, do your warm up at a decent pace; don't go hard on yourself during warm up since you've got major exercises to embark on.

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Don't compete

Before you set your foot in the gym, always have a plan in mind and especially specific parts of the body that you want to work on. This will help you make your workouts targeted. Further, it will limit you from getting confused when you meet your gym mates doing their daily workouts. Note that competing in the gym is overwhelming and sometimes you may end up being disappointed because people have different goals in the gym. Instead of competing, you can get a gym partner to work out together and keep each other accountable.

Perform the workout correctly

Have you ever worked out and later realized that you can't trace the results of your sweat? This could be because of inconsistency or failure to perform the workout correctly. Ensure you have a certified gym trainer to position your body the right way. Failure to do so can lead to gym injuries and health issues like unnecessary back pain.

Never exercise under the influence of any drugs or substances

When you go to the gym, make sure you eat well so you do not cave under the weight of the exercises. Besides, going to the gym on an empty stomach is like punishing yourself and will lead to very little results since you will not workout as required. This is similar to anyone going to the gym under the influence of any drugs. The gym environment requires strong-sober minded heads and not someone whose joints and muscles are not stable. If you are on drugs avoid setting foot in the gym. Drugs weaken your body and if you workout in this state  you may wear off completely or injure yourself.

Perform heavy-weight workouts with the help of a trainer

It is not bad to want to try an exercise that you saw someone else do. However, make sure you carry out this exercise under the watchful eye of the trainer until you adapt to it. This goes especially to the lovers of heavy weights; lift the weights with the help of a trainer until your body adjusts, and is able to control and balance in the right way.

Stretch after finishing your exercises

Many people tend to forget to stretch after working out. Stretches are important to keep the muscles flexible, strong and healthy.

Last but not least, try to enjoy yourself at the gym. This is important for consistency purposes which is usually the remedy to any trainee trying to achieve that perfect body.

Photo credit: Jeremiah Njenga (The Pack Fitness Centre )

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