Mother's day is upon us once again and what better way to appreciate your mom than getting her a gift she will like. Unfortunately, most people dread gift shopping either mostly because they can't decide what to buy. If you are one of those who dread buying gifts for lack of ideas,  here are seven Mother's Day gift ideas you can consider.

Dinner set

You can never go wrong with a dinner set as a Mother’s Day gift especially if your mom loves hosting. When choosing a dinner set ensure that it is of good quality. You could also add some cutlery and table accessories to accompany the dinner set.

expensive dinner set
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Treat her to a spa day

For mothers that are career women,  a spa day is one of the best gifts. Career mothers usually don’t have a lot of time off to pamper themselves and do self-care. Therefore, a spa day will help to rejuvenate her and get her in a good mood.


There is a wide range of accessories such as handbags, belts, and jewellry among others that you can get for your mom as a gift. You could buy her a buy that she has been in her online shopping cart as a surprise. When gifting accessories, ensure that they align with her fashion style.

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If your mom is a paintings enthusiast, there's no better way to appreciate her than by expanding her collection of paintings. You can either choose a quality painting that is not too different from what she has or you can get something different as long as it matches her taste.

Something I’ve learned recently is that comparison hurts. It only lets you fixate on where you’re lacking. Your identity is not what you do, what you can accomplish, or what you can prove. Your identity rests in the one who created you and that is the only approval you need. Choose to see the good in others and you will see the good in yourself. Seek out the positivity and let go of the rest. 

Have a happy day and spread some crazy, positive love!

P.S. this beautiful painting was done by my Aunt Gerry. She is soo darn talented!
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Air fryer

Mothers love their kitchen so much and a new appliance for her to try out new recipes could be the perfect gift. Air fryers have been the it thing to get for quite a while and purchasing one for your mother if she likes cooking will be a win in her books.

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Get them gift cards

If your mother is more of a giver than a receiver, get her a gift card. The voucher could be for any store so you don’t have to think hard when picking a store. She could re-gift the gift voucher to someone else or decide to use it herself.

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Pay for a class for them

If your mother has wanted to learn a new skill, you could pay for a class for them. Unlike material gifts, gaining a new skill is a forever gift. It could be a cooking class, pottery class or painting class. They could end up passing time with the skill they acquired or even monetize it.

In conclusion...

Getting a Mother's Day gift shouldn't be a herculean task. The above article could give you ideas on inspiration of what to get to appreciate your mom this mother's day.

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