In the African culture, raising a child was communal. When a mother conceived, other women would render their support in one way or the other throughout the pregnancy. Even after birth, the women would stay around the new mother.

In the modern day and age, baby showers have become the norm. Friends and family of the expectant lady organise a gift giving ceremony to celebrate the upcoming birth. Many factors are considered while planning this party to ensure both the mother to be and her guests appreciate having made the sacrifice to converge.

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Make it about the mother and her unborn child

The state of the pregnancy, previous history of the lady's pregnancies, her health status, due date, her preferences should be considered by the host. This allows the mother to be in the comfort she needs to enjoy the party. In case a mother has a history of chronic fatigue during pregnancy, make sure to keep the ceremony short and impactful.

If the host feels the mother deserves a spa day with her closest friends or a moment for her to lament about her current difficulties (pregnancy is not easy) she should make it happen.

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Be objective

It is easy to get lost in the merry making and forget to reassure the mother and find out if she needs anything else. A baby shower is the ideal time to bestow blessing, love and appreciation on the mother-to-be, as well as to pledge further support if need be.

Make it a surprise

The host of the ceremony should partner with the person closest to the expectant mother like the husband and best friend. These people will be instrumental in sharing intimate details and finding out more that would result in a party that interests the mother to be. Once armed with these details, the host can organise an elegant ceremony that the mother and guests will marvel about. Making it a surprise evokes immense gratitude from the mother

Plan for games

Games are a good way of breaking monotony and taking away undue attention from the mother. Games are also a creative way of establishing some important details about the state of the mother and her future plans for the baby. These also bring about the necessary merry that the day demands

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Make it intimate

A small gathering will give you the liberty to procure excellent catering services among other things. The person in charge of the ceremony should make sure to invite very close family members and friends who will elicit joy from the mother to be. Friends and family members that wish the mother to be well should be the list of guests

Make it a gift giving affair

The person in charge of the ceremony should ensure to share the sex of the child with expected guests so they can bring gifts that will be useful after the birth. A list of items required by the mother can be put together and guests allowed to pick an item they will obtain.

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Share the costs

Baby showers can be small, intimate and objective without being costly. Make a budget of basic necessities for the party. Then share the budget with the list of supportive friends and family for them to contribute towards the procurement of the items.


Apart from just games, organise for other forms of entertainment. Synchronized performances to soothe the mother-to-be would be ideal. These can come in form of songs to signify the importance of the ceremony, and performances from children to cut on costs.

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