While at a photo shoot at the Glorious Photography Pictures Studio, professional photographer Malcolm David Sila was displeased at how his body appeared on a video footage. “I was shocked by what I saw and I resolved that I had to bid fat farewell. I immediately adjusted my lifestyle.

I would start my day with meditation (reading the Bible and prayer) and would do a two-hour swim from 5:30 am every morning for seven days,” he reveals. Malcolm also stopped eating fast foods and bread and reduced starch portions. “My wife and children supported the change. As a father, being healthy is the greatest gift I can give my children. By teaching and modelling for them a healthy lifestyle, they are likely to make healthy choices when they are older.”

Creatives have a tendency of working through the night to finish up the work and Malcolm was no exception. “To ensure I sleep a minimum of six hours, I improved my time management and strived to complete my work during the day,” he adds. Malcolm lost 23kgs (50.7 pounds) between October 2017 and May 2018. His advice to men is: “Weight gain is the leading cause of many lifestyle diseases and unnecessary joint problems amongst men. It also accelerates ageing. For the sake of your families, stay in shape.”

Malcolm’s weight loss journey has turned him into a weight-loss coach through his Facebook page #Bidfatfarewell. Fortunately, he lost weight naturally so he did not get hanging skin. “I used to have a few stretch marks when I began the weight loss but I drank lots of water and moisturised my skin to them out,” he says.

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