The much-awaited 2017 general elections are here with us. Here is what to do before, during and after elections.

Voting documents: Even before the voting day is due, make sure you have the documents needed by law to allow you to vote, with the most crucial being your identity card. Make sure it is safe and remember to carry it on the D-day.

Cast your vote: You ought to have confirmed your polling station by now. On the polls day, wake up early, go vote and go back to your house or your work place. Avoid hanging around the voting centre unless you have some assignment in the area. This will help to create a room for other voters.

Be neutral: Avoid wearing anything that references any candidates or political parties running in the election on the Election Day. If possible, put your phone on vibration mode while at the polling station. Don’t discuss politics with any person at the polling station, as this will help to stop any undue partisan influence passed on to other voters.

Maintain peace: In case there is something you aren’t happy with, kindly raise it immediately to the relevant authority without disrupting peace. Follow due process and be patient with the IEBC team. Also, follow the instructions you are given.

Accept the results: This is a competition and there is no team guaranteed for victory. Therefore, expect your candidates to either win or lose. If they win, celebrate peacefully without hurting others and if they lose, accept the results and move on. There is more to life than elections.

Support the elected leaders: After the elections, the winners will become our leaders. Give them the support they need to take our country forward.