While pregnancy is always full of pleasant surprises, here are 5 positive changes to look forward to


Your IQ is on the up

Although most women identify with the term “porridge brain” (when you seem to forget almost everything), research shows otherwise. It is during these time that you have increased mental sharpness. This is because there is high amounts of oestrogen, progesterone and oxytocin, which helps strengthen the part of your brain responsible for memories. Do not worry if you are experiencing a bit of porridge brain, it is probably due to sleeplessness. Try doing some crossword or Sodoku puzzle. this will keep all your cylinders firing.

Breast is best

There is no denying that during pregnancy, your boobs are bigger, rounder and fuller. You can hence go ahead and ditch the wire bras because you will not need them anymore. All you need is a good maternity bra and embrace your newly found curves.

Hair and nail model

During you non- pregnant days, your hair practically follows the same cycle all through: growth, rest, falling out. When you are pregnant, oestrogen elongates the growth stage of your hair and reduces the amount of hair falling out. this leaves your hair longer and thicker. Also, the amount of calcium packed in the vitamins you take during this time leaves your nails strong and shinny.

Your sex is on point

During your second trimester, you will feel it more. This is because the morning sickness will have gone away and the swollen knees and sore back yet to arrive. It is practically at this time that you have more energy. The increase in you blood supply literally makes your genitals sensitive and ups your vaginal lubrication. Unless it is your doctor’s orders, go ahead and enjoy your inner sex godess, before your newborn arrives.

You purely focus on you

There is no stronger motivation to being healthy than pregnancy. During this time, you are perfectly aware that your unhealthy life suddenly does not affect only you but also your child. This prompts you to eat healthy, have enough rest and just lead a smooth life.


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