WEATHERING THE STORMS: With Mature Love and Faith

One Saturday Morning in August 1992 at Ngemwa PCEA church in Githunguri, John Mburu and Esther Wacuka looked each other in the eyes and saw the radiant glow of vigour and energy and vowed, “…in sickness and in health.” They spoke these words with heartfelt promise of devotion and best intentions. None thought at the time their marriage would become saddled with sickness. But we are mortal and fragile, and even young people become ill. After six years of a blissful marriage and two children to boot, sickness came knocking at their front door. Today, twelve years later, the trials are not yet over, but the fact that their marriage was built on rock not sand has made it possible to weather the storms. From their home in Buru Buru, Nairobi, the couple share their marriage experience with MWAURA MUIGANASubscribe here for more