MEN’S HAIRCUTS: What suits your features?

The type of haircut you select could help you balance some of your physical features, and make your flaws seem less apparent. Certain haircuts can help bring out your best features and draw less attention to your weak areas. A professional barber should be aware of these tips but it’s also important for you to know so as to be aware of what suits you best and what to avoid. Let’s consider a few examples.

Facial features…

If you have a large head and face, it is advisable to keep your hair cut proportional. Go for a larger, fuller style, as a shorter style may appear out of proportion. For those with small heads and faces, consider a shorter, leaner cut. Full hairstyles are not the best in this case as a small face would get lost in the style and also appear out of proportion. Facial features also play a big part in choosing a suitable haircut. If you have a big nose, consider a fuller haircut to draw attention from your nose. It’s also not advisable to comb your hair back, if you have long enough hair, as this will draw more attention to the centre of your face. For men with big ears, it’s necessary to steer clear of haircuts that remove a lot of hair at the sides. It’s better to opt for a style that’s fuller at the ears if you fit this profile.

Short men can add an illusion of height by getting a ‘taller’ hairstyle. They should avoid hairstyles that have short, flat shapes as they emphasise your lack of physical height. For tall men, it is the opposite. ‘Tall’ hair adds height so they should opt for a hairstyle that is shorter and flatter on top.

Other features…

Even your neck size can play a part in the haircut you should get. For instance, if you have a wide neck, a hair cut that narrows at the nape would suit you best. Avoid cuts that are blocked straight across your back, as they would add width, something you’re trying to avoid. For those with slim necks, block the hairline straight across with slight rounding at the corners to help provide balance. Also, keep the block as low as possible and avoid cutting too high into the natural hairline as this makes the neck appear slimmer. Remember that your face shape counts a lot when getting a haircut. This cannot be emphasised enough. These are however not the only factors in regard to choosing the right haircut. Profession, hair type, and personal style, among other factors may also play a role in considering the haircut to get.

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