Beauty Trends To ditch in 2018

Makeup, hair, nails – all part of your beauty routine. It’s been great experimenting and discovering what you can do or create to keep your beauty routine interesting, but it is time for us to take a minute and seriously consider leaving some of these ‘discoveries’ in the past.

Here are some beauty trends you might want to consider ditching in 2018 because they have had their moment and it’s time to let go;

  1. Harsh Contouring

It’s been great creating the illusion that your face is skinnier/more structured than it is. Let’s embrace our natural face shapes this year.

2. Out of this World Eyebrows!

We saw spiky, wavy and braided eyebrows just to name a few! Have we really run out of things to occupy ourselves with because that is all this trend portrayed. This is definitely to be ditched, no questions asked.

3. Blinding Highlighter

Ladies, your highlighter does need to be popping but, your are doing a bit too much. Let’s tone it down a few notches in 2018, we need to be taken seriously.

4. Next-Level Eye Lashes

Eye lashes are beautiful and the longer the better, but when do we draw the line? When is long, too long? If your faux lashes are blocking your vision, get rid of them!

5. Over the Top Manicures

Do not break the bank trying to achieve these impractical nails. Save some cash and have an easy time going about your day not worrying about your expensive nails breaking.

6. Hoarding Products

Using beauty products for too long is harmful to your health. Clean your draw rid yourself of those health hazards!

We can agree, that beauty is super relative and what may appeal to you may not appeal to someone else. With that said, feel free to be yourself and do what pleases you.