Are you one of those people that dreads going home for the holidays because your mother keeps asking when you are getting married? Worse still, are you lonely because all your friends got married and spend their days between work and daycare? While there are any number of factors, over which you have no control, that may have rendered you single against your will, other factors may be your own doing. If you fall in the second category, here is a list of things that you may be doing that reduce your chances of getting married.

Isolating yourself

One way to meet that potential husband is to go out and interact with people. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys going out. The problem with isolating yourself at home is that you greatly reduce your chances of meeting new people, one of who could end up becoming your husband.

Rigid expectations

When it comes to relationships and dating, everyone has a list of qualities they look for in a potential spouse. However, try to be flexible. There is no perfect human being and sometimes it is hard to get a man with the exact qualities you desire.

Being too judgemental

It is not easy to learn everything about a person merely from their looks or from your first meeting with them. For example, some men are nervous during the first meeting but tend to relax as time goes by. Instead of blowing someone off on the first date, give them a few more chances to prove themselves.


When you are desperate, it becomes hard to differentiate between a man that can take you seriously and one that just wants to waste your time. No matter how long you have waited, do not allow yourself to get desperate. A few more months of waiting can save you years of heartache.

Going after the married ones

This one needs no explanation. He will always go back to his wife

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Trying to change a man

Sometimes, it is tempting to try and change what you don't like about your partner. Unfortunately, this approach may live them feeling like you are controlling their life. Instead of trying to change him, find a way to accommodate his weaknesses.

Bottom Line

Marriage should not be seen as a litmus test to check for failure or success in life. Therefore, if you are single by no fault of your own, then breathe in, relax and enjoy your single season. However, ensure that you are not single by your own doing.

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