Armed and unpeaceful demonstrations will cost students their certificate of good conduct. The Directorate of Criminal Investigations has this Monday 25th January announced, once again, sent a warning to students who participate in any manner of crime, citing that records of the same will be sure to appear in their Police Clearance Certificate.

Teachers raise concern over indiscipline in students since schools reopened
There has been a rise in indiscipline among students since schools resumed, anobservation made by teachers since schools reopened on January 4, 2021. A Mathematics teacher from Nyaronde Secondary school in Nyamira County, JaredMotito, while speaking to local reporters, said that students had bec…

The crimes listed by DCI are what is commonly excused as just ‘unruly teenage behaviour', yet, as the warning spelt, may lead to difficulty achieving one’s goals in future as “no employer of worth will dare employ such characters.” These crimes include:
• Armed and unpeaceful demos
• Arson
• Drugs
• Cyber bullying
• Assault of any degree
• Drunkenness
Other crimes will also apply as DCI is careful to note at the end of the list, “…or any reported crime of any kind.”

This comes at a time when student unrest, especially in secondary school has raised great concern. The same day that DCI communicated this warning, dormitories in Kiambere Mixed Secondary School in Mbeere and  Kimulot Boys High School in Bomet had been up in flames early in the morning.

Fire razes down Kimulot Boys dormitory
Some of the items that got burnt include blankets, mattresses, bedsheets, books and other items belonging to students.

On Sunday 24th January, Kirimari Secondary School in Embu had also seen a dorm on fire, and the same had happened at Gikuyari Secondary School in Mbeere North.

In addition to these cases of arson, cases of alleged assault by students have also hit news headlines at a worrying rate recently. The worst has been of the student who stabbed two teachers.

Kisii School student charged with attempted murder for stabbing two teachers
One of the teachers, Edwin Mokaya asked the student to follow him to the staff room and told him to kneel down.

Featured Image: Students in court. [Image Source: New Internationalist]

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