Five churches have so far been set ablaze in Otamba, Kisii County, in a span of four days. The Pentecostal Church is the latest to fall victim, having been set on fire on Sunday January 24.

File image of a church on fire. PHOTO: Courtesy

St. Monica was the first church to go up in flames on January 20. Worldwide Church, Seventh Day Adventist and Legio Maria churches also suffered the same fate barely a day later.

Residents say that the incidents mostly occur between 1 am and 3 am. They express living in fear over the burning of their churches, saying that the arsonists may turn to burning their homes.

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The arsonists' intentions are not clear. Residents however, believe that the arsonists' satisfaction is literally seeing the churches' altars on fire. They leave an amateur drawing of two people and a cross as their sign, after an attack.

Those in charge of security in the area say that investigations are underway.

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