Babu owino has once again found himself in hot water due to his inciting remarks. This comes in the wake of McDonald Mariga’s successful appeal, allowing him to vie for the Kibra MP seat. During the Orange Democratic Parties round of campaigns in Kibra, the Embakasi MP hurled insults at the Deputy President. This is not the first time this has happened, as the former SONU chairman called the DP ‘idea less’ among other names.

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Babu Owino and a host of other politicians are opposing Ruto’s cause because they feel that the circumstances surrounding Mariga’s successful appeal are suspicious. The Kibra elections provided the outspoken politician with a chance to further express his disapproval of Ruto.

While addressing Kibra residents on Tuesday, he warned Ruto that they (ODM) would teach him a lesson at the ballot box. He went on to insult him calling names such as ignorant, stupid. He also went on to declare that he should respect former prime minister Raila Odinga as Kibra was Raila’s home. In a fiery rant he went on to state that the only people he feared were bees, God and Raila Odinga.

The NASA man’s statements did not augur well with a lot of Kenyans and politicians aligned to the DP. The disgruntled people took to various platforms to express their discontent. In what seemed like a unanimous statement, they termed the comments immature and unbecoming of someone holding such a high profile position.

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The uproar seemed to get to Babu Owino as he replied to the statements. He responded on facebook stating that he would change his way of politics. In what seemed like a reluctant apology, he said that he would forgive anyone that would attack or insult him.

“Beginning today, I will no longer insult my political opponents. If anyone insults me, I will pray for them to never do it again. May God bless you all so much that it surprises you,” he posted

Here are his remarks during the event: