Ginseng is arguably one of the most consumed herbal medicines in the world and this could be attributed to its ability to restore and enhance normal well-being. Ginseng consists of a light-coloured, fork-shaped root with relatively long stalks and oval-shaped green leaves.

Ginseng’s medicinal value is accredited to the presence of ginsenosides (a pharmacologically active ingredient) and adoptogens – compounds that increase the body’s ability to adapt to physical or mental stress.

Several studies carried out on the herb suggest that it aids in blood sugar control and is thus recommended for those suffering from type 2-diabetes. Ginseng tea has been used
for ages as a natural appetite suppressant and is therefore effective against obesity and weight control.

Ginseng is also believed to benefit one’s stamina and helps boost energy levels in addition to improving working memory.

Studies suggest that the herb has anti-cancer properties that seem to suppress tumour growth.

Men with erectile dysfunction may take ginseng to treat the condition. For women 45 years and above, ginseng may help relieve menopausal symptoms such as depression while young women suffering from menstrual cramps and distress are often advised to take ginseng tea.

The ginseng root can be chewed or stewed in water to make tea or soup. Chopped ginseng root can also be added in soups especially chicken soup or stir-fried dishes.

The herb is also available in form of capsules, powder and tea. Since ginseng is rare and expensive, buy only from reputable suppliers to ensure it is the real thing.


Published in February 2017