Rebound jumping on a mini trampoline is a good way to keep fit. In a study to find the best way to tone up flabby astronauts, NASA discovered rebounding was 68 per cent better at boosting your cardiovascular fitness than running and the most efficient and effective exercise yet designed by man. Invest in a mini trampoline from a sports shop and add a 30-minute rebounding session to your regular routine to reap the benefits of keeping fit and well toned.

This vitamin protects your knees 

An orange a day may keep those achy joints at bay. Studies show that the more vitamin C adults consume, the less likely they are to develop bone and tissue problems that can lead to arthritis. So load up on citrus fruits, broccoli, and tomatoes to avoid becoming one of the many people who develop arthritis.

Cough lozenges can sabotage your diet 

When you are trying to lose weight through a strict calorie counting diet and exercise and are unfortunate to get a cough, you should be wary of taking throat lozenges. Though most cough lozenges are quite small, they usually contain 2-3g carbohydrate, which means about 12 calories each. So if you take six lozenges a day, that’s 72 additional calories. The larger the lozenges the more calories they contain. Don’t be fooled by the sugar-free varieties as the may contain sorbitol, which contains seven calories a gram.

Get rid of embarrassing gas moments

Spare yourself the embarrassment of breaking wind in public. The gas culprit may lie in sorbitol, an artificial sweetener often found in sports drinks and diet sodas. Sorbitol could be to blame for excess flatulence and you should cut back on your intake of beverages containing it to reduce bloating and flatulence.