Are you investing more time on your employer than your children? Is your connection with your kids worth the sacrifice?

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Rina Nzuve’s story has sparked interest online considering the title was ‘ I quit my job when my child called me auntie’.

When Rina, proprietor of Rina’s House, a bakery, one day heard her child referring to her nanny as her mother, she knew it was time to ditch her travel consultancy job.

“I was spanking her and in anger she told me that she was going to report me to her mother, meaning her nanny. This was the wake-up call I needed to walk out of my nine-year travel career.”


There are many beautiful moments tucked within motherhood, but who are we kidding, often times it’s overwhelming at times, couple that with pressure to juggle family and career excellently and what you have is a disaster. Incase your struggling to balance it all, here are a few survival tips.

Have a support system: Take time to look for a good nanny. Get references if need be. A good nanny, with a good grasp of what s required will ensure that you can concentrate when you are at work because you have confidence that things are okay at home. Insist that the baby be given the first priority always as everything else can wait.

Develop a sacred routine: Be intentional about creating routines that will help you and your child bond. For instance, preserve duties such as bath time, massage, feeding or bedtime stories for the two of you and use this time to bond.

 Cut yourself some slack. There is no right way to raise a child and not all mothers can be stay-at-home mums. Paying for childcare is not wrong! Your children still know you love them. Don’t let anyone take you on a guilt trip.

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