Camping is a fun way of developing a child's intellect. The earlier you start letting children take part in camping expeditions, the earlier they will nurture their natural wit. Camping, allows children to engage all their senses thus triggering their development.

How do you make sure a camping trip is fulfilling for your children?


Before the actual camp, it is ideal to share a few ideas with the children so that they know what to expect. Such include, hiking, and bonfires. Informing young campers what is expected of them during the camp, gives you a chance to be aware of any challenges that are likely to emerge. It also improves the effectiveness of the camp in general.

Night Activities

Have a range of night time activities that campers will participate in. These could be calming activities. However, if your intention is to stay up longer, adrenaline charged activities would be ideal. You could set up a mock pageant for the campers to take part in, or a dance competition. Lost in the Woods has been a very good night time game for campers for a while now. It works effectively since darkness makes the game even more challenging.

Day time Activities

This is the time of the day when everyone is actively participating. It is only prudent to make a list of activities to engage campers in. These could range from energy intensive activities to slow ones. You could start off with games and challenges followed by quizzes and familiarization activities.

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Safety and hygiene

Safety is a key component of camping. Ensure you are aware of any underlying health conditions to avoid surprises.  Such conditions include allergies, asthma, diabetes, or mental disorders. Remember to bring a first aid kit that can be utilized in times of emergency. Also, make sure you have all the necessary contact information you will need. Finally, gauge the safety of all activities the campers will take part in to prevent accidents.

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Make sleeping convenient for all by grouping the campers by gender and age. It would be ideal  to  also make sure space is enough as opposed to crowding them in one tent. Speaking of tents, the ideal camping set up must have a tent, no matter how glamourous you want it to be.

Lastly, make it fun and engaging for them so all the protocol does not turn the experience gloomy.

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