Entrepreneurship has oftenly been seen as a male dominated area but recently experienced a makeover shift with more women venturing in the area.

According to data provided by National Association of Women Business owners  there has been an increase of 10% in the US and 5.7% in the UK and 41% in Africa in terms of women joining diffent business ventures.

And although the women are venturing into business like never before we cannot close our eyes to the challenges they face which tends not to be typically shared. Some of the challenges they encounter include:

Balancing Business and Family

Being a mother and balancing work and family might at times be difficult, Momprenuers have dual responsibilities and devoting there time to both their families and business is important.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure has been noted us the top concern for most women who start to venture into businesses basically this causes a number of women to withhold back and not take the risk.

Limited access to funding

Raising capital for women owned firms can be difficult, a report from the Babson college showed that less than 3% of ventured capital funded  Businesses had female CEOs. Lack of support creates a huge hindrance towards venturing into entrepreneurship.

Social expectations

Depending on our social setting most women globally are expected to have their place in the kitchen and around the home environment and due to this women who have ventured to Business have been welcomed with a cold shoulder making it hard to fit in the entrepreneur world that has been filled men for decades.