It is difficult to believe that Dr Esther Dindi is in her mid-thirties and a mother of three as she could easily pass for one in her early twenties thanks to her lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and routine exercise. She draws knowledge from her medical background and extensive research in the area of fitness and its relation to health to assist others walk the fitness journey through her company – Doctor Fitness.

A high achiever, Dr Dindi says as far as she can recall, she always aimed for the best. “In addition, being a first born came with its own pressure of setting a good example for my younger siblings so I had no choice but to excel,” she says on a lighter note. Growing up in a humble background in Machakos County, young Dindi knew education would give her the
much-needed breakthrough in life.

Her dad, a teacher and strict disciplinarian, urged her on and so from an early age she put her mind into pursuing a career in medicine. This drive saw her work hard in school to gain an admission at Moi University’s School of Medicine. She describes her first plunge into the medical practice as hard-hitting. “I guess you read all these books and have this view about the practice, and then you encounter the real world and face the challenges of the profession such as scarcity of resources especially in public hospitals.

Doctors truly try their best under the circumstances,” she says and expresses her wish for the government and doctors’ union to reach a common ground and end the ongoing doctors’