Human beings have an intrinsic need to be loved and to have a sense of belonging. As a result, rejection is never easy, especially coming from family members. Rejection can occur as a result of various factors which include, different values and beliefs,  unconventional sexual orientation and even due to poverty and loss of property.

Unfortunately, rejection causes psychological damage that, if not attended to, could deter the victim's future endeavours.  

So how exactly do you deal with rejection?

Talk to a neutral family member about it

It is almost impossible to be rejected by the entire family without leaving out a member who could speak reason to both parties. You could approach such and tell your side of the story to offload, and to seek assistance. This should be a member of the family who is known for their wisdom and peace loving nature.

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Go spiritual

Spirituality helps put reason to things we do not understand. With an explanation of the reason behind the rejection, one can get closure and move on with life. Spirituality looks at rejection as redirection, which tends to be exactly what one needs for the next adventure. Spirituality also helps in the healing process since rejection leaves behind an emotional scar.

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Take some time off to think

Feeling rejected could be a reflection of something happening on the inside. Therefore, the best thing to do is take a step back and reexamine your ways and your state of mind. It is likely that the rejection is directed at a toxic trait and not you as an individual.

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Join a community

It is impossible to replace the intrinsic role played by family. However, in times when they play you the hardball, you must seek solace in a place where you will be accepted for your difference. Join a community of like-minded people who you can talk to about your situation and who will accept you without judgement. The LGBTQ community globally has found solace in such communities. Whenever members were ejected out of their homes by their families, these communities provided comfort. Therefore, seek communities that will develop into a haven for you as well.

Rejection is natural, everyone has been turned down in one way or the other. Rising after a moment of rejection is significant in one's life. It makes for a good recipe for self-acceptance and love.

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