Style is incredibly personal it is a direct expression of who you are, for some however it doesn’t come quite easily and thats okay its not something innate therefore you can learn it overtime, here are tips to help you develop your personal style:

1.Build your wardrobe on Basics and Investments

Having a strong wardrobe will serve us a building block to your personal style, for example basics are things like jeans and T-shirts and investments could be skirts, blazers and blouses. This items should be tailored specifically  for your body type ,this is the easiest way to guarantee that every outfit will look amazing on you.

2. Watch

Turning on your style brain will come in handy, paying attention of what other people are wearing  and begin to see what you like and what you don’t and picture yourself wearing it if you can,if you cant picture yourself wearing it, it’s not the style for you.


Everyone gets inspired by someone so dont feel guilty for recreating someone else’s outfit To know what suits you begin by going through your closet and picking the clothes that match your desired outfit.Ensure you are flexible when you put together your look, you might not have the same stripped button shirt but you have one that does the same job.