Carrying a diaper bag is like moving around with a whole house. You have to carry everything! But we've got you...

First things first, your diaper bag should be able to accommodate a lot. Find one that has many pockets and extra space.

Newborn babies rarely move a lot but a time comes when you just have to hit the road and tag your child along. During such days, you might wonder what to carry and what to leave behind. You can never really carry everything all the time, but there are items that should always be on your checklist.

Here are some of the top ten essentials for your diaper bag.


This is a given; it is a diaper bag, after all. Babies need changing after about every two hours. So, depending on how long you will be away, you need to carry diapers to fit that timeframe. Pro tip: it does not hurt to carry extras.

Changing pad

Have a portable changing pad with you because you never know where the need to change your baby will find you.

Hand sanitizer

When handling babies, your hands should always be clean. In areas you do not have access to water, hand sanitizers come in handy to ensure hygiene when handling your baby. Find those that are baby-friendly to avoid your child coming into contact with irritants.


There's always wiping when handling babies. Arm yourself with a pack of wet wipes for when changing their diapers and a clothe for burps. These also come in handy when you need to clean your hands but you don't have sanitizer.

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Changing clothes

This cannot be said enough. Carry at least two extra outfits for the baby. You never know when things can get messy and the cute outfit you picked for them is no longer what you left the house with. In such cases, an extra outfit will save the day.

Diaper disposal bags

Changed diapers tend to be messy and smelly as well. In the occasion that a diaper change happens far from a litter bin, disposal bags help to store the diaper for later disposal. They seal the odors and any leakage that might occur.  

Light blanket

Babies should always be kept warm, as it can get windy sometimes. A light blanket is an important addition to your diaper bag essentials in such cases. You can also use it as a shade for the baby on sunny days.


Carry a small toy that will keep your baby from fussing. It is a nice distraction to keep them entertained throughout the outing.

Pain killers

The first few months for a baby has to contend with with vaccine injections and allergic reactions to new environments. Pain killers are a must have for this reason.


Powder or rash ointment will come in handy when your child develops a diaper rash. It's a sure way to avoid irritation caused by the diaper rash, which could make your child fussy.

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