Aerial view of the lodge and surroundings

Spectacular sunsets

Nothing beats the ephemeral beauty of that killer sunset at the end of the day but guess what? Killer sunsets are not commonplace. Just because it is the same sun does not mean the sunsets are all the same! You need an outstanding vantage point and Distant Relatives offers several of those. Whether it’s down at the private beach, off the deck of a dhow while having sundowners or over the forest from the lodge. The allure is irresistible

The view at sunset  from Distant Relatives Ecolodge-Kilifi

Romantic Creeks

Picture this: It is a warm evening and you and your loved one are seated on the beach cuddling close and playfully in your Maasai blanket. The overlooking view? A perfect moon on the sky, its reflection playing calmly against the ocean’s soft ripples. As the evening rolls on, the moon slowly disappears and the dark night sky takes over. Suddenly you realize mother’s natures beauty and magnificence as luminescent bio plankton slowly start rising to the ocean’s surface, taking over where the moon left off, blanketing the ocean with the most beautiful yet natural blue shimmer as they playfully swim. Get the picture? Good! Because it gets better.

Magical video of the Distant Relatives and its environs

Not only can you enjoy such gorgeous marvels of nature, but you can do so in the solitude of a private beaches such as the Bofa Beach where you and your loved one can enjoy some much needed alone time at your comfort and with little distractions from a sea of humanity.

Unparalleled Delicacies
 A tasty dish served by the chef

Distant Relatives has one of the finest a-la-carte menus in Kilifi ranging from seafood classics such as grilled calamari to secret specials such as the red wine sauce in the steak fillet nothing. The Distant Relatives Chefs are going big (but at a small price…yaay!) for Valentine’s Season: an entire overhaul of the menu for an exceptional dining experience for couples. Can’t wait to see the surprise meals!
The table d’hôte menu, which offers a three course private dinner and two glasses of wine, has also gone big with a small cost: Ksh 3000. Only.

Enjoying the  sunset at Distant Relatives Beach


Everyone is welcomed as part of the distant relatives family; the line between stranger and friend being blurred. Couples also get to enjoy the lush surroundings of the area and the lodge itself where intimate moments can be stolen and treasured for years to come whether it is a down the forest to Fumbini village or just sitting down, holding hands and just talking. Need to make it more intimate? The Bandas are enclosed with private courtyards, large showers a seemingly tranquil Garden of Eden.