The minute he was born, everyone fell in love with DJ Khaled’s son. Asahd has won the hearts of many, especially his parents.

Well Asahd may soon have his own line of merchandise after his parents filed documents to trademark his name on a plethora of different products.

TMZ reports that DJ Khaled and his wife Nicole Tuck signed on the dotted line to have the ability to put Asahd’s name on everything from key chains to mini kid cars.

If all goes well, the toddler’s moniker could also be branded on items such as perfumes, cosmetics, bed linens, video games and jewellery.

Asahd’s parents could also have the right to add their  son’s name to kids products, including strollers, bibs, teething rings, and a favourite of Asahd’s, mini kid cars.

If you follow Asahd on his official Instagram account, you will notice that he already has a thing for cars as he has been spotted driving his mini Ferrari and Rolls-Royce