A village in Molo has been left in shock as a seemingly happy and peaceful couple in their early 20’s, was found dead in their house. Jacinta Nyambura a teacher at a local private school and her husband, Daniel Mwangi a boda boda operator at Tayari village in the outskirts of Molo town in Nakuru County are said to have been involved in a domestic quarrel the night before at around 7pm  and shortly thereafter, the woman was heard screaming for help.

Neighbors who rushed in to help Jacinta were stuck outside the house as it had been locked from the inside and they could not get in immediately. After much effort, the neighbours managed to demolish a section of the wall and gained access to the house. It was however too late as Jacinta had been stabbed and lay dead on the floor.  Mwangi’s body was dangling from the roof with a rope around his neck. The neighbours also found a note written by Mwangi accusing the wife of infidelity saying he could not continue living in that situation.

Their bodies were taken to Molo sub county mortuary pending investigations. The area chief urged young couples to seek, counselling from time to time and not to overreact following domestic disputes. Cases of murder and suicide following domestic disputes have been on the rise.