Dr Joe Muriuki, famously known as the first Kenyan who publicly disclosed his HIV status, has passed on. Dr Muriuki on Monday the 14th of February aged 63. Muriuki who disclosed his status in the last 1980s had lived with the disease for more than three decades during which he was active in the fight against HIV/Aids.

Before his death, Muriuki is said to have been in and out of hospital as he had been battling cancer for two years. Prior to the cancer diagnosis in 2020, he had been in good health as he followed his ARVs treatment.

Report shows that 1.5 million Kenyans are living with HIV/AIDs
As the globe marks the World AIDs Day, it’s a good time to evaluate if we are making any strides towards limiting the spread of HIV/AIDs.

Muriuki was the representative of people living with HIV at the HIV tribunal and a member of the East African HIV and Aids Management Act. As a pioneer and advocate for HIV/Aids sensitization, he used his voice to represent and motivate other people who were HIV-positive through the organizations he worked and partnered with.

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