Has it been a total mess at your household on school day mornings? Try and make a commitment to these new tips that will reorganize your mornings.

Make sure you and your child get enough sleep

On a school day, make sure your kids are in bed 8: 00 pm and maybe 8:30 pm for the weekends. Researchers state that lack of enough sleep will get the child cranky, may risk getting obese and have difficulties in learning.

Prepare the night before

The night before school day, minimize your responsibility. Try ironing and lay out uniforms, pack backpack and brush school shoes.

Get up 30 minutes before your child

Be an example to your child by getting up 30 minutes before you wake them up to shower, make breakfast and meditate. From this, kids will learn and adapt to the routine of waking up early and get some extra time to watch TV before the bus arrives.

Pack backpacks after finishing homework

After your child is done with homework, make sure they return their books to avoid misplacing or forgetting books in the morning.

Have early dinner

Setting the table early create some extra time for the kids to play, take a shower, do homework, talk about school and even sleep early.

Make morning routine charts

Encourage your child to take ownership of duty and not rely on you. Make charts that they tick when done doing their assignment. It is okay sometime to help out a little to save time .

Double check their bags

Make sure that before stepping out of the house, double check that they have everything with them. You can give them a list that they tick on what they’ve packed.This will save you from making unnecessary trips of delivering school supplies.