An eight year old girl has become a millionaire after the High Court ruled that the minor should inherit a her late grandparents estate.

The court made the judgment after the mother filed a complaint accusing the relatives of disinheriting the girl despite the deceased having appointed her as the next of kin. The minor, a representative of her deceased father, who was the only son of the late, was granted the full rights as a co-administrator together with six other beneficiaries.

The multimillion shilling estate was first owned by the minor’s grandparents who worked at the National Youth Service.

“According to the law of Succession Act, a grandchild is a direct heir to the estate of the grandparent where the parent predeceased the grandparents, ” stated Justice Teresia Matheka.

The girl’s share in the estate will currently be held in trust by her mother who is also a beneficiary. A parcel of land in Juja, two plots in Narumoru town and Nyeri with rental houses, two plots in Mavoko and undisclosed amount of money in Post bank, Equity and Gratuity bank are the properties included in the inheritance.

“The minor herein got into the shoes of her deceased father upon the demise, acquiring equal rights with the respondents to apply for the letters of administration as they fall in the same degree of consanguinity,” said Justice Matheka.