Call it old-fashioned thinking but sometimes love is all you need to make the world go around.

How many times have you heard a friend whine about how expensive dating is? Infact, some times the things you need the most from your partner are the things that not even money can buy.

So how can you get some great loving on a tight budget?

Go for a picnic in a public park: This will only offset you in terms of your time and a couple of snacks. It is also a great way to spend time together, have conversations and enjoy each other’s company. Get a good private spot within the pack, away from the distraction of passerby and spend an afternoon getting to know each other better.

Visit a museum: Brush up on your history and impress her…or him with your understanding of great historical artifacts. A new artist or visiting artist is showcasing their work? Expand your minds together with a visit to the exhibition and who knows, you may even become avid fans.

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Go hiking. Is there a better way of combining the splendour of nature AND exercise than going for a hike? This is also a way to learn each other’s resilience as well as reinforcing some values as a couple. As a bonus and if time allows, watch the sun come or go down. Some moments can never be replicated.

Watch a movie together. Get a movie and watch it together from the comfort of your house, cuddling at the couch. You could grab some takeout or even make a meal together before settling to watch the movie.

Play games together. Card games, board games, video games? The choice is yours really provided it is the two of you. You can make it more fun adding a few of your own rules to the game. This is also a great way to learn how you both deal with competition against each other.