Having an expected date of delivery, commonly known as EDD, gives you some sort of assurance and something to look forward to. When your due date passes, and there is no sign of contraction, you might get anxious and on some occasions, worried. When you are past the expected due date of delivery, you can induce contractions.

Exercise, body positioning and movement, in general, has been known to relax muscles that are important during delivery. Exercise also helps bring the baby to the correct position for delivery, which is head down. Pregnancy exercises should not be as intense as normal exercise. Anything to keep you active but at the same time not risk your health and that of the baby is generally acceptable.

Here are a few simple exercises you could do at home to help induce contractions;

Sit on a birthing ball

Birthing balls are large, round and soft, giving the perfect surface for pregnant women to carry out simple exercises. The posture a pregnant woman assumes when sitting on the ball helps increase blood flow and opening of the pelvis. This in turn encourages cervical dilation. You could try moving in a circular motion, gentle bouncing and rocking to help induce labour. Get someone to help you with these exercises.


Butterfly pose

Butterfly pose is a gentle yoga exercise that involves positioning the soles of your feet together and widening your knees. You could also sit in a lotus or cross-legged posture. When doing this exercise, keep the spine and neck straight and inhale deeply then exhale. This pose opens up the thighs and pelvic muscles which can help induce labour.

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Supported squats

Squats help stretch your pelvis which in turn aids in relaxing your body. This exercise also pushes the baby down further into the pelvis. Involve your partner to help in holding you and make sure to steady your breathing to keep you balanced.

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Take a walk

Taking a walk helps draw the baby down into your pelvis. It also helps with cervical dilation and keeps you active during your pregnancy. You could also slowly go up a short staircase and come back down to help stretch your pelvis.

Note that...

It is not a guarantee that exercising will facilitate the  labour process. It might help in getting you ready for the contractions but the decision depends on your body. Do not push it but instead stay active and wait for the right time.

If the delay gets worrying, consult your doctor for the best advice. Also, make sure you have your doctor's go-ahead before involving yourself in any rigorous physical activity or exercise.

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