Whether you are pregnant or nursing, you might find yourself hunting for outfits that are stretchy enough to accommodate your growing belly or that have easy access for breastfeeding. Now, finding such clothes in stores that cater for the needs of everyone might be hard. You will have to scour through a number of body-hugging outfits before you land one that makes you comfortable.

Aside from clothing, as a mum, you need products that make the journey easier for you. Items such as breast pumps, diaper bags, baby carriers, to just basically anything functional during your pregnancy and nursing period, really come in handy.

The good news is, you don't have to struggle at all. Some fashion brands took note of the plight of mothers and set up stores exclusively for mums. From panties and bras to full outfits that will meet your every need while ensuring you remain stylish. Below are some of the stores that you can check out.

Everything Maternity Kenya

Everything Maternity stocks all sorts of maternity clothing. These include official clothing for fits you can wear to the office when pregnant. Casual outfits such as leggings and jeans, and accessories like maternity pillows. Their aim is to ensure you remain stylish and fashionable  without compromising your comfort throughout your pregnancy journey.

Image courtesy: everythingmaternitykenya.business.site

Nursing Mama

Nursing Mama is the go-to place when you want outfits that make breastfeeding functional and fashionable.  These clothes, including jumpers and bras, have zippers and openings near the breast area to save you from the struggles of having to life the whole top to feed your baby.

Image courtesy: nursingmama.co.ke

Mums by Kare

Mums by Kare sell a variety of products that support the essential needs of mums before and after delivery. These include, Nursing Tops, Nursing Deras, Nursing Bras, Diaper Bags, Wet Bags, Disposable panties, Sitz Baths, and gift cards among others. They even have a wholesalers shop where you can buy these products in bulk at wholesale price.

Image courtesy: mumsbykare.co.ke

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Mother and baby

Their website says it all. It is user friendly and arranged in a way you can find anything you are looking for at an affordable price without having to strain. Mother and baby stocks a wide range of products supporting pregnancy and nursing. Some of them include, nursery furniture, breast pumps, nursing jumpers and pregnancy books. They even have covid-19 essentials such as kids masks, sanitizers and antiseptics.

Image courtesy: motherbabyshop.co.ke
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Toto wraps

'Toto wraps', meaning baby wraps, support the traditional way of carrying babies using 'lesos' and kangas. They produce custom made wrap and sling baby carriers to ensure comfortability and functionality for the modern mum. They also share the benefits of correct positioning when carrying your child.

Image courtesy: totowrapswoven.com
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Koolkidz Baby Shop

This is for all your baby's wardrobe needs. Koolkidz is a premium retail baby shop, located in Nairobi that stocks cute little outfits for your newborn all the way to when they are about 12-year old. They have a wide array of not only functional baby clothing items but also affordable pieces.

Image courtesy: Koolkidz