The holiday season is here with us and what better way to enjoy it than touring the beautiful scenery that our country has to offer. Kenya is a wholesome destination for any family planning to take a vacation this month and to help you plan your own adventure here are five destinations for you

1. Watamu Marine National Reserve

This reserve presents an opportunity to learn about diverse fauna that has over 600 fish species ,150 different types of soft/hard corals. this destination will give your family a holiday to remember.


2. Mount Kenya Safari Club

Mount Kenya Safari

This is a club  at the foot of Mt. Kenya,it gives a perfect view of the snow -capped mountain and the nearby animal orphanage keeps your family engaged with the different species of animals and makes  a perfect destination for the holiday.

3. Malewa Ranch House

This tranquil location lies in the private reserve between Lake Naivasha and the town of Gigil, this location is perfect for your family during this holiday season with numerous activities for your family to enjoy from horseback riding,mountain biking through the wilderness,walking by the riverside looking for the indigenous birds and to top it all up river rafting as a family.

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4. Masai Mara

Masai Mara gives your family an adventure that is unforgettable  by taking a game drive through the  expansive Masai Mara and seeing the  Big 5 up close.

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5. Kiboko Bay Resort

This is the most beautiful places in Western Kenya perfect for the family, your children can play around as you relax by the restaurant watching the sunset on Lake Victoria.

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