Smell is primarily dictated by genetics(genes). However,it can also be caused or amplified by the food we consume. You probably think that physical attraction is what draws you to a particular mate but it turns out that your sense of smell is just as critical a factor. Sweat sends signal about someone's health and what you feed on.  You are never going to smell like a bed of roses when you sweat but certain foods might make your perspiration a little less stinky than usual.

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It's pretty safe to assume that this works both ways so...pass the fruit bowl and lets make the comparison:

Milk vs yoghurt

Yogurt contains active cultures which lower the amount of odor-causing sulfite compounds, unlike milk. Milk-contains choline which can cause nasty body odor and therefore, you may want to reach for some yoghurt when you just must drink dairy.

It is also believed that due to the active cultures, yoghurt, and especially the plain kind, is great for women as it restores a healthy yeast balance in the vagina.

Foods that boost vaginal health
Your vagina is indeed a complex ecosystem.As most would think that staying top of their vaginal health is a difficult task,it is not.As long as you keep in mind a few rules and practise healthy diet for the health of your vagina,you are good to go.

Herbal tea vs coffee

Coffee or any caffeinated beverage can cause acrid body odor while herbal tea has a great source of antioxidants. The fewer toxins the body has, the better it will smell

Orange vs pumpkin

Citrus fruits smell great and get absorbed by the body, thereby giving you a fast way to improve your overall odor. Pumpkin on the other hand contains choline which gets metabolized into trimethylamine. Accumulation of trimethylamine in the body can cause bad body odor.

Cardamom and cinnamon vs onion and garlic

Garlic and onions contain  organic sulfur compounds which get metabolized and eliminated primarily through pores in the body causing bad body odor to emanate from the body while cardamom and cinnamon not only makes food tasty but also make you more desirable by giving you a fresh and pleasant long lasting odor.

Want to improve the smell of your vagina? Try these foods
“Is it normal to have a smell down there?” Oh yes, it is very normal. The smellis not the same for all women due to differences in diet, hormones and geneticswhich influence the scent. As long as you are healthy, you have no reason toworry. The problem comes in when your vagina begins to smell “…

White meat vs red meat

Abstaining from red meat has its own olfactory benefits. Digesting fish does not release the same unpleasant odor that is released while metabolizing red meat.

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