Former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga has been sentenced to 10 months in jail. However, she was immediately freed on parole. This after she admitted to lying to Australian police about what led to her son’s death.

After pleading guilty to charges of being accessory to the murder of her three-year-old son, she faced up to 25 years in jail, as per the Australian law. This sentence thus seems light.

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According to an autopsy, her son with husband Quincy Timberlake died due to trauma to the abdomen. It was claimed that Quincy was hitting the son to exorcise demons.

Arunga was once touted as the best news anchor. Things took a different turn when she got married to  Quincy Timberlake. Their marriage has been shrouded by controversies, forcing them to relocate to Australia a few years ago.