Nothing is more annoying than a man who is blowing hot and cold in a relationship: one minute he seems to be over the moon with you and the next he acts as if you are the last person he’d want to hang out with. Ladies, it’s time you took stock of your relationship and decide whether you want to stay or ship out. Here are the telltale signs that he is sitting on the fence.

1. He says he is not ready for a relationship

Sometimes a woman will dismiss this statement and continue pursuing a man who has clearly told her he is not ready for a relationship. A woman might think that by spending time with a guy, cooking for him and even sleeping with him, he might just see her good qualities and end up committing to a relationship with her.

Wrong move!The truth is if a man wants or is ready to be in a relationship, he will get into one and no amount of begging, conniving or playing desperate will make a man who is not ready to commit, get into a relationship. So if he isn’t committing to a relationship, don’t think you will manipulate him to it; he is just not interested.

2. He has no time for you

So you called him three days ago and he hasn’t yet returned your calls. You keep looking at your phone waiting for him to return your calls and text messages for days and are probably thinking something is wrong with your phone. And worse, this isn’t a one-time situation, as it has happened before. Girl, it’s time you read the writing on the wall; he is just not that into you.

A person interested in you wants to build a relationship and knows communication is a major part of that. If you are always the one calling and texting and reaching out first, and it’s not reciprocated, just stop calling and soon enough you will know if he is really interested in you. Although it is good to have some distance as you both need a life away from each other, if he always gives odd excuses, or only wants to see you when he wants to have sex with you, then chances are that you are not in his big picture.

In his book; He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys, Greg Behrendt, an American comedian and author, says a man who wants to make a relationship work will move mountains to keep the woman he loves. And this includes finding time to spend with her.

3. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

You have been dating for months or even a year but he has never introduced you to people that matter most to him. When a man is serious about a woman, he makes an effort to bring her into his world and that includes his friends. By keeping you away, he is giving you a red flag that possibly he doesn’t see you being in his world for the long haul. A man will invite a woman into his world when he sees the potential for them to become a part of it.

4. You are always wondering

If a man likes you, you will definitely know, as he leaves no room for second-guessing and confusion. In fact, he will do the opposite and make it clear that he’s interested in you because he doesn’t want to risk losing you.

Published September 2015