Ever opened your refrigerator door and almost everything spilled out? If yes, no you do not need a bigger fridge, you just need to organize better. Your fridge is like the heart of your kitchen. Other than prolonging the life of your foodstuff, it also gives storage space, making your kitchen neater and cleaner.

Sometimes, it can get so full you have to remove everything to access something at the back. It is upon you to maintain your refrigerator's organization. Here are a few hacks to keep your fridge organized and functional;

Use containers and bins

Containers are the ultimate go to for all things organization. They help save on space while making your space appealing and more organized. Find airtight containers to store leftovers and other foodstuff. Group like items together and to create easy access. You can also add clear bins and get rid of plastic bags that come with some foodstuff. This helps to add more organization and storage.

Stack items

With the fridge, it is really not the time to get generous with space. You need to save as much as you can because there's always something to go in. This requires you to stack your food in an organized way. Put fruits with fruits, drinks on drinks and so on. Inasmuch as you will be stacking them, let the element of coordination show.

Use labels

Labels help you know exactly where each item is places. Though you might remember how you organized everything, it helps other family members find what they want without disrupting the arrangement. You can use stickers, chalk or markers to label containers and compartments. It brings with it some beautification too!

Clean out often

An enemy of organization is pile up. Do not fall victim to this by ensuring that you clean out your fridge often. Take out leftovers and create new meals from them. Throw away expired foodstuff, clean any spillage and re-organize shelves to your liking.

Use shelf liners

Shelf liners save you from spillage to other compartments. They allow for easy cleaning and also add a sense of organization to your fridge. Shelf liners also help combat bacteria and odour, making your fridge items fresh and long-lasting.

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Put things in practical spots

It is important to know that fridge temperatures vary and some parts are colder than others. For example, the top shelf and fridge door are usually warmer, while the shelves get progressively colder when you go lower. Hence, where you store specific foodstuff affects its longevity and putting items in the right spot helps them last longer.


Organizing your fridge is one thing, but keeping it that way is another. It takes discipline, rearrangements and constant cleaning to keep a fridge organized. With the hacks mentioned above, achieving this is really easy.

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