Why yellow and grey colour scheme? Your living room usually the first room your visitors set their eyes on, so you want a colour scheme that is riveting, warm and calming at the same time. Yellow is such a cheerful colour, it makes the room bright and easy. Grey on the other side, brings that austere, sophisticated mood that perfectly balances the playful, bubbly colour yellow. If you want to revamp your living room, you should definitely check out these stylish yellow and grey living room decor ideas!

Accent chairs

A yellow accent chair or two can bring in just enough yellow in the room, because they are statements themselves.

accent chairs
Source: Briobox Co

Yellow curtains

Choose warm tones of yellow as opposed to glaring tones that will sit well and totally blend with the grey backdrop.

living room decor
Source: Linda Brownell

Yellow pillows

The easiest way of blending any colour into your living room is through the pillows. Try different patterns on the pillows to add more variety and go for grey sofas.

yellow and grey living room ideas
Source: Decor Pad

Yellow rags, mats and carpets

A yellow rug or a grey rug with grey accents will be a hard-to-miss center piece of your living room. Paired with grey seats, they will balance each other so well.

yellow and grey living room ideas
Source: Digs Digs

Yellow frames

A few yellow frames placed on the grey wall can be a good option if you do not want to have yellow furniture.

living room ideas
Source: Digs Digs

Yellow sofas

How bold  and crazy about yellow are you? Because, while this will need some level of confidence to pull off, yellow sofas will brighten your room. Style it up with grey walls and artwork with grey undertones. Keep the look level with a grey rug with nice patterns.

yellow and grey living room ideas
Source: ESF Wholesale furniture

Yellow artwork

yellow artwork

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